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21st Feb 2019

Reese’s THINS exist giving us the peanut butter to chocolate ratio we deserve

They’re thin, so you can eat double the amount.

We swear.

Reese’s peanut butter cups are delicious.

This is a fact that simply cannot be disputed.

They are chocolatey, they are smooth, they are soft, and also delicious. All that you could ever want from an American-based chocolate treat, to be honest.

And while the Reese’s cup itself is peanut butter perfection (yes lads, it is), some people have the odd issue or two with the product, claiming that it’s too heavy, too sickly, or God forbid, too much to consume in one sitting.

This information is incredibly incorrect, however it did lead the company to create a range of other products to suit their customers who wanted something a little smaller to chomp on.

Enter Reese’s Pieces, the Reese’s Mini Cup, and Reese’s Inside Out.

And yeah, they were all delicious, but the company have just dropped the most intense offshoot of their product yet – Reese’s Thins.

Like, a regular Reese’s… but, you guessed it, thin. 

Just imagine the peanut butter to chocolate ratio, lads. Perfection.

The new cups are 40 percent thinner than their iconic original, but with all of the deliciousness that we have to expect from the peanut butter based product.

There’s only one (unsurprising) problem – they’re not available in Ireland yet.


The thins will be landing into US stores sometime in March, which is absolutely zero help to us, to be honest.

But if this country’s obsession with Reese’s is anything to go by, we probably won’t be waiting too long before they show up in shops here.

At least we can hope anyway.

C’mon, assortment of expensive American sweet shops that are dotted around the city.

This is your time.