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15th Oct 2018

Reese’s has released its very own cookbook and everyone is going WILD

Olivia Hayes

Need a Monday sugar rush to keep you going?

Well then look no further than Reese’s new cookbook.

But is it new? When did it come out? Tbh, nobody knows because it was only when blogger Junk Banter was in a supermarket in the US, that he came across it.

He shared the magazine-like cookbook on Instagram with the caption: “Suffice to say, I just found my new bathroom reading material.


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“As far as I’m concerned, Reese’s should get a Nobel Prize for Literature for this masterpiece (and I haven’t even read past the Table of Contents). I found it at Giant when I was buying some Reese’s Cups, probably. Would be a great gift along with the Reese’s Baking Mix (pic 3) for that Reese’s Lover in your life (you).”

Do we need this in our lives? Yes. Can we find it online? No. Will we keep searching? Most definitely.

Meanwhile, if you need an excuse to have more Reese’s in your life then all you have to do is nab one of these Reese’s selection boxes.

The latest creation is a selection box featuring all our favourite Reese’s bars and it’s safe to say, we’re WEAK.

The new product called “Lovers Collection” features seven full-sized bars and it’s perfect for sharing (or eating by yourself).

The selection box includes Reese’s cups, Reese’s sticks, white chocolate Reese’s cups and plenty more to satisfy your sweet tooth.

The selection box is currently available from our sweetshop FAVES, Candyland, located in Galway but, thankfully online too! You can find it here.