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01st Apr 2018

PSA: You can now ‘get your face on a Big Mac’ at McDonald’s

Will Lavin

Remember what day it is.

Ever wondered what your face would look like on the top of a Big Mac? Yeah, us too.

McDonald’s today have launched ‘My Big Mac’ – or so they say. It’s April Fool’s today so surely this is the fast food chain’s idea of a joke.

According to a video they posted on their Facebook page, all you need to do to get ‘My Big Mac’ to work is:

  • Take a selfie using their (unspecified) app or use a kiosk in the restaurant to do it.
  • Then once your seeds have finished “rendering” your burger will be available at the counter.
  • Then there’s a social media plugin allowing you to share your creation on Instagram etc.

Pretty basic, right?

There’s even an option where you can put more than just your face on it. You can create things like engagement rings out of seeds – what a way to propose to someone, open your burger and: “Will you marry me?” How romantic!

You can even share how you’re feeling by creating emojis out of seeds too.

Well played McDonald’s, well played.

Just don’t go driving miles to get to your closest restaurant today because it will be a wasted trip, not to mention you’ll probably die of embarrassment when the entire staff start laughing at you because it’s…