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02nd Dec 2016

Prosecco tea exists and you can buy it in Ireland

Two of our favourite things combined.

Two of our favourite things combined.

Have you ever had friends over for a movie night and had to make the decision between a fun night of alcohol or a cosy night of tea? Well now thanks to this exciting news, you’ll never have to choose between your two favourite drinks again.

We love the cold sparkling taste of prosecco so we’re very interested to find out what the this hot alternative tastes like.

The good folk at Aldi have tapped in to what ladies really want and designed this prosecco Festive Infusion Tea.

We recently discovered that there are major health benefits to drinking two glasses a day, so you really have no excuse not to add it to your tea.

The box of 15 tea bags is only costs €2.49 in Aldi so if it tastes as good as it sounds we’ll be stocking up for Christmas.


It also comes in a Mulled Wine option which is perfect for Christmas by the fire.