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23rd Mar 2018

Popping open that bottle of wine? This is the number one indulgence to have with it

Brought to you by SuperValu and Green & Black’s.

There’s no better way to embrace a Friday night than with a bottle of your favourite wine by the fire, or curled up in front of the TV.

But when it comes to choosing what compliments that glorious wine best, there’s one particular little nibble that works the charm.

It ticks all the right boxes and it’s one of our all-time favourite’s – chocolate. Not just any chocolate mind you, but Green & Black’s new Velvet Edition Range. (NOM!) Honestly, keep the below tips on ‘perfect combinations’ for the next date night or girls night in – they’re sure to be adored.

SuperValu’s expert sommelier Kevin O’ Callaghan was tasked with pairing four glorious Green & Black’s Velvet Edition range flavours (Mint, Salted Caramel, Sea Salt and 70% Cocoa) with SuperValu’s Specially Sourced wine. And we can promise, that with just one bite, the most discerning foodie will be super impressed and any dark chocolate virgin will be won over by Green & Black’s smooth texture of cocoa nut beans mixed with rich, nutty and fruity tastes. If you’re someone who’s not overly fond of dark chocolate, trust us, all that is about to change.

Here are the pairings of Green & Black’s Chocolate and SuperValu Specially Sourced wines you need to try.

Match 70% Cocoa Velvet Edition with the Specially Sourced Barone Montalto AMMASSO.

Dark chocolate is divine with bolder wines. With Ammasso’s dark fruits, candied notes and toasted hints, this is a match made in heaven. Was €18.99, Now €15 

Salted Caramel Velvet Edition with Remy Ferbras Vacqeyras

This is a gently spiced wine with soft notes eminating from the Rhone Valley and so naturally, it lends itself beautifully to the sweet and lush caramel flavours of the velvety smooth choc. Was €20.99, Now €12

Sea Salt Velvet Edition with Barone Montalto Appasimento

Our sweet and savoury mix. This soft fruity Sicialian wine works exceptionally well with Green & Black’s dark Sea Salt chocolate. With delicate flakes of Anglesey Sea Salt it offers a delectable contrast to sweet chocolate. Was €13.99, Now €10

Mint Velvet Edition with Bellavista Cabernet Sauvignon

Take note, because this Chilean full-bodied wine has a touch of all the essential elements needed to compliment a refreshing minty flavour. With this gorgeously smooth wine, you will capture the beautiful infusion of Indian peppermint oil in the chocolate. This combo keeps ALL the flavour alive. Yum! Was €12.99, Now €10

Brought to you by SuperValu and Green & Black’s.

Once the Easter Bunny has come and gone, and the kids are tucked up in bed after all that egg hunting, why not take your own turn to enjoy chocolate. Green & Black’s new Velvet Edition range paired to perfection with SuperValu Specially Sourced wine. A real indulgence.