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07th Dec 2018

Piña Colada Bounty Bars exist, and they actually sound delicious

Rebecca O'Keeffe

bounty bars

Unpopular opinion: I really like Bounty Bars.

So there are some people in this world who HATE Bounty Bars.

That’s fine… I don’t understand the hate, but I accept your opinion.

However, if you’re like me, you genuinely love the chocolatey coconut treat.

Seriously, I love Christmas time when I’m left with a box full of discarded mini Bounties!

Anyhoo, I just stumbled upon a snazzy new flavour of Bounty – and it sounds delish.

Imagine sipping on a stunning Piña Colada…

bounty bars

Now imagine that flavour, in the form of a chocolate bar!

Pineapple Bounty Bars are currently available in Russia, and they taste just like your fave beach side cocktail.

However, if you’re not planning a trip to Russia any time soon, fear not.

These tropical treats are currently available to buy on Ebay (thank GOD).

For the relatively reasonable price of £3.80 (plus a shipping fee of £6.08).

I know, it seems expensive for three bars, but you can’t put a price on happiness.

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