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03rd Jun 2018

Percy Pigs could soon be gone from M&S for good

Figures show around 22,000 children now leave Primary School obese

Kyle Picknell

Percy Pigs could be no more.

The UK is trying to put a ban on sweets promoted by cartoon characters, and we’re seriously hoping M&S don’t have to get rid of our beloved Percy Pigs from all of its stores.

Health Secretary of the UK Jeremy Hunt is planning a review on sugary sweets – mainly those advertised by cartoon characters.

The secretary is battling to prevent “licensed characters, cartoon characters and celebrities” from advertising junk food and Ministers led by Hunt are looking into the prospect of a blanket ban that could see Percy Pigs, along with Frosties (national icon Tony the Tiger) and Honey Monster Puffs (Great British stalwart the Honey Monster), completely banned for a new, less sugary, completely repackaged alternative.

Marks & Spencer began selling Percy Pigs over 25 years ago, and they haven’t been stocked in the guilt lanes since 2015.

According to The Sun, National Obesity Forum chair Tam Fry has said the following: “I’m thoroughly pleased at the prospect of cartoon characters being divorced from junk food.

“We need to associate these popular children’s characters with in-your-face good food.”

What is, ‘in-your-face good food’, you ask? We have no idea. We really don’t.