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10th Dec 2017

JOY! A delicious new chocolate is being added to Celebrations this Christmas

*Runs swiftly to the nearest shop.

Tony Cuddihy

This has the potential to take over from the Teaser as our favourite Celebration.

We love Christmas.

You’ve got the lovely fresh cold weather, the lights, the general buzz around town, the bonhomie, the… Yeah, who cares about any of that really when…

…you’ve got chocolate. So much chocolate. And Celebrations appear to have added to their collection.

Enter the Milky Way Crispy Roll. Nice.

It’s made the day of this person who, granted, seems quite easily pleased.

While we’re a big fan of Rachael’s breaking news service.

And for anyone who thinks this is a drill… THIS IS NOT A DRILL.

We don’t have confirmation yet that Irish boxes of Celebrations will have the Milky Way Crispy Roll, but where the UK follows we usually lead (in terms of chocolate and Netflix, not our politics, just to be clear).