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28th Jul 2020

Love that natural energy: The Naked Collective is the type of clean, healthy, and vegan company that we need right now

Brought to you by the Naked Collective

We love finding new ways to stay green.

Look, we’ll admit it, we want to do our best for the world but we’re also kind of lazy. In our opinion, the best kind of changes in life are the ones that are super simple to make.

Which is why we’re absolutely in love with this new Irish carbon neutral start-up The Naked Collective. They’re a beverage company powered by plants, people, and purpose, who love creating healthy, natural, and functional (yes, functional) drinks that have no artificial sweeteners, additives, or preservatives.

All of their isotonic drinks are made purely from plants, vitamins, and water. That’s it. But they taste delicious and they’re proven to boost your immune health (woohoo!). They’re entirely vegan, sustainably sourced, and everything about their packaging is recyclable. Plus, you know that no extra carbon emissions were added to the environment in the making of these drinks.

For those of you Super Foods enthusiasts out there, you’ll be very interested to hear that one of The Naked Collective’s big achievements is the innovation of their SuperLiquid and ImmunoBoost – the liquid equivalent to Super Foods that all of their drinks are powered by. Just as good for you, if not better, but so much more convenient to consume throughout your day. Ideal.

The Naked Collective is all about making the world a healthier, better place. In fact, they have drinks for your every mood and occasion (and here’s where we come to that intriguing ‘functional’ drink).

The two brands created so far by The Naked Collective are Mude and So.Beer. The Mude range, as the name implies, has five different functional drinks designed to help you take control of your day. They have ‘Work’ for when you want to be at your most productive, ‘Chill’ to take control of your zen, ‘Play’ for fun adventures, ‘Sleep’ to help you get a better nights sleep, and ‘ImmunoBoost’ to keep that immune system and wellbeing in tip-top shape.

We’re especially loving the ImmunoBoost right now when it’s so important to look after our health and wellbeing as much as possible. We want to give our immune system all the help it can get, and it certainly doesn’t hurt that the Mude range tastes delicious – the ImmunoBoost is mango and grapefruit flavour, what more could you want?

Then, of course, there’s So.Beer – a pioneering zero alcohol lager that also supports your immune system by replacing alcohol with good-for-you 100% natural ingredients. So.Beer’s blend of beta glucan, complex B vitamins, and polyphenols gives you the experience of enjoying a beer with no compromise on taste, on health, or tomorrow.

There’s even a grapefruit flavour available in their slick 100% recyclable cans.

The Naked Collective drinks are currently available to buy on their website and will be available on shop shelves in the coming weeks, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled.

Who knew you could be so socially and personally responsible just by gulping some refreshing drinks? Well, we’re definitely not complaining.

Brought to you by The Naked Collective