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07th Nov 2017

Nando’s is now trialling a home delivery service and we can’t cope

Chicken right to your door!

Denise Curtin

This sounds EPIC.

Yes, across the UK (and talks of Ireland very shortly), Nando’s is delivering delicious peri-peri chicken goodness right to your front door.

Many a hungover morning we have only DREAMED of this and now, it looks like it is becoming a reality.

The first lucky ones who got to avail of this service have taken to Twitter in delight, showcasing their Nando’s feast from the comfort of their sitting rooms.

Currently in the UK, it cost’s £2.50 for delivery and an extra £2 for any delivery under £15, which means one thing, when it comes to Ireland we will be sure to order as much food as possible, yanno… to avoid the extra fee, it seems only right?

For now however, we will drool over these pics as we wait in anticipation.

If you however live in the UK yourself or have a friend that does, you can check out if your eligible for the new delivery service by putting in your postcode here.