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03rd Feb 2020

Mint Malteser bites are coming to Ireland, and wow they look bloody delicious

Rebecca O'Keeffe

This is a dream come true.

Today, Mars Wrigley UK has announced it will be introducing the UK’s first ever flavoured MALTESERS product – Mint MALTESERS!

Following the huge success of MALTESERS bites, which officially launched back in 2018, fans of the brand can now enjoy their favourite chocolate treat in a new and exciting way.

And the best part? We don’t have long to wait lads.

These minty treats will be available in Ireland later this year, it’s certainly not one to miss.

Speaking about the exciting new launch, Laura Boothroyd, MALTESERS Senior Brand Manager in the UK said:

“We’re incredibly excited to be launching Mint MALTESERS Bites into the UK this year. Mint is increasingly popular and coupled with the UK’s existing love of MALTESERS Bites we’re sure this new product will be a hit with MALTESERS fans across the country!”

We’re so excited to try these!

While we have you here, reading about delicious new MALTESER treats, we have to remind you about the recent discoveries we have made.

We have even more delicious news regarding the world of chocolate treats.

Mint Maltesers ice-creams exist, and they look absolutely incredible.

Discovered by Instagram user KevsSnackReviews, he shared a few pictures of the icey lads, and wrote:

“There’s a new mint Maltesers Ice cream available from @Asda stores for £2.25 a box, and I just had to buy some! Mint ice cream is underrated but very tasty IMO, and here it’s combined with crisp cocoa coated honeycomb pieces and coated in milk chocolate.”

“It’s a mix that works very well! There’s the fresh tasting mint ice cream, which isn’t too strong or overpowering, and the milk chocolate coating that actually tastes like Maltesers chocolate. The honeycomb pieces add a moreish honeycomb taste that works really well with the ice cream. So tasty!”

“I wasn’t sure how this combo would work out to be honest but all the flavours blend well. I’d have liked a few more honeycomb pieces though! (They’re only 5% of the ice cream)”


What a time to be alive.

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