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07th Mar 2018

Millennial pink LETTUCE is here… and the world has gone too far

Instagram-worthy or total notions?

Ah, lads.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re all for the pretty pictures and Instagram-worthy food… but is millennial pink lettuce too much?

According to Eater, the new food, which we’re probably going to see all over our feeds in the next few months, is called La Rosa del Veneto and it’s a pink chicory grown in parts of Italy.

Apparently, it develops its pink color by being “forced,” which means that it’s grown for a certain amount of time, harvested, and then replanted and grown in the dark.

For now, it’s only widely available in Italy, and in food markets in the US, but if you’re in New York you can also get it in King restaurant in Soho.

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While most things that are ‘millennial pink’ these days are dyed, this isn’t the worst thing to eat since its completely natural.

But really, are we just eating meals now because of the ‘gram?

Maybe. Probably.

The most recent millennial-food craze has also seen people propose with avocados.

It all started when food stylist Colleen Dike posted a photo on Instagram with a perfectly cut avocado holding a ring inside.

She captioned it “Tag someone who should propose like this,” and basically Instagram went MAD for it.

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And then if you have a look through social media, you’ll find that people actually do it:

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