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25th Mar 2018

Maltesers are making a huge change to their chocolate

James Dawson


People will not be pleased.

It looks like the shape of Maltesers is going to change, after reports from someone who auditioned for a new online advert revealed details of the commercial.

Rather than being the traditional ball shape that we all know and love, the confectionary will now we oval-shaped, according to a Sun source.

The source, who was invited to the audition said:

“We were told the Maltesers we would be holding would be flat — like a Minstrel.”

“We were not given the chocolate but it was described to us.

“The part involved pretending to be a bunch of mates at work having a bit of banter while eating Maltesers.

“We got on with it, but none of us thought flat Maltesers were a good idea.

“I imagine some people will be upset.”

You can say that again.

Many people have a very specific way they like the eat their Maltesers. Whether you’re an immediate-chewer or like to melt the chocolate off first before enjoying the honeycomb goodness – this change in the beloved chocolate could change much more than the sweet itself.