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29th May 2018

A list of Britain’s ‘most popular chocolate bars’ has been revealed and we’re not impressed

We are not impressed.

As a nation, we are the third biggest country in Europe for chocolate consumption.

In 2017 alone, the average Irish person ate 17 pounds of chocolate, that is 155 Mars bars and to be honest, I would say I easily (if not more) ate that much.

With only Austria and Switzerland ahead of us in the chocolate consumption scale, we would like to think we know quite a lot about the best and the worst chocolate bars to pig out on, so, when VoucherCodes released a list of the top chocolate bars consumed in the UK, we were horrified that our neighbouring country could get it so wrong.

Here is what they voted on…

15. Cadbury Fruit and Nut

Just no. This is like the bar you go for if you are seriously stuck for a sugar fix, it is like the healthy option with all that fruit and nut lark – if you get to pick 15 bars out of ALL bars that exist, you’d be shhtone mad to pick this one.

14. Wispa

Wispa’s are a solid good bar and deserve to be at least number 10? James Kavanagh would be appalled at this low ranking.

13. Toblerone

OK, this is random. Like yeah if you’re in the airport you may opt for a Toblerone and a cup of tae but in a shop, really?

12. Aero Mint

If you are to include a mint bar then I suppose this is the one to choose. I will tip my hat at this one.

11. Galaxy Ripple

Yes they are delicious but they are just not substantial enough. Like I’d easy need three of these to curb my chocolate craving so this ranking is too good for the ripple.

10. Crunchie

Often a forgotten gem, but the chocolate to honeycomb ratio is bleak. I’d put it at number 15.

9. Kit Kat

A decent bar deserves a decent ranking… like at 11, not 9.

8. Kit Kat Chunky

Now we’re talking, finally. A Kit Kat Chunky is always a good call and all their flavours are delish. Have you tired the cookie dough one? More-ISH.

 7. Twix

I know I am opening myself up to hate here but does anyone ACTUALLY buy a Twix bar? Like I feel these are just something we eat because we find them in a cupboard? Yes?

6. Mars Bar

I would say a solid 20, if even, ew.

5. Twirl

Twirl’s are delicious and there is nobody who doesn’t like a good twirl. So OK, 5 it is.

4. Flake

Ah HERE… is this a joke? I could write a whole article on why Flakes are just not practical for eating never mind purchasing and putting as the 4th loved bar in the whole of the UK? Madness. Number 4,210 for this one.

3. Bounty

Again… WHY DOE? Coconut chocolate sneaking in at number three? Barbaric. I won’t allow it.

2. Snickers

NUTS… literally. How are nuts getting into the second most sought-after position. No.

1. Cadbury Dairy Milk

This I am happy with however, the entire list has left me with a bad taste in my mouth (probably the Bounty) and I am sad thinking of everything that should have been included.

SO… what should of ALSO been included is… Minstrels, Galaxy, M&M’s crispy, Cadbury Giant Buttons, Boost, Munchies and a Freddo.