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10th Sep 2017

Kelis has released her recipe for an actual milkshake… and she didn’t even charge

This actually does sound delicious. Will it bring all the boys to the yard?

Rory Cashin

She has succeeded in bringing all the boys to her yard…

Back in 2003 (yes, it has been over 14 years, we can’t deal with that either), Kelis released her incredible jam ‘Milkshake’, in which she claimed that her particular brand of milkshake would bring all the boys the yard, that it was (damn right!) better than yours, and that she could teach us how to make one, but she’d need to be paid for services rendered…

Clip via KelisVEVO

Turns out the food-as-sex metaphor wasn’t a metaphor at all, as Kelis has only gone and released a video in conjunction with Baileys to celebrate Chocolate Milkshake Day on Tuesday 12 September.

If you’re thinking why should you take Kelis’ advice on making any kind of consumable product – aside from the obvious song title tie-in – then let us inform you that outside of the music world, Kelis has become quite the foodie.

She trained at extremely elite French culinary school Cordon Bleu, and even released a cook book back in 2015 called My Life On A Plate. Plus her most recent album was actually titled Food, and most of the song titles were named after different types of food. So, y’know, she’s really into food right now.

You can check out Kelis making the milkshake right here, and if you’re wanting to make it at home yourself this Tuesday, then here’s everything you’ll need to know…

Kelis’s Honest-To-God Actual Milkshake Recipe


4 scoops chocolate ice cream

240ml ginger beer

90ml Baileys

5 pieces candied ginger

1/2 teaspoon cayenne pepper


Chilli, cinnamon and sugar spice blend

Ginger-infused whipped cream

Candied ginger slices

To make:

Blend ice cream, ginger beer, Baileys, candied ginger pieces and cayenne pepper. Rim a glass with honey, then dip in the spice blend. Pour in milkshake, finish with whipped cream and candied ginger slices.