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09th Nov 2019

The mathematical hack that will help you get more pizza for LESS money

Rebecca O'Keeffe

And they says maths isn’t cool…

We love nothing more than sitting in on a Sunday night, watching a movie and ordering a pizza.

Special focus on the pizza, in our humble opinion.

Anyway, if you have ever ordered a pizza with your pal, you’ve probably had the same thought.

What should we order?

Usually, we land on the same theory – two personal pizzas are bigger than one large.

So naturally, the two personals are ordered, even though it works out more expensive.

Well folks, mathematics has helped us to figure out that a large pizza will give you more bang for your buck.

Ordering two personal pizzas equates to 7 inches each, while a large pizza being 13.5 inches.

So we can see why you’d opt for the two personals.

Thanks to an equation used to measure surface area (NERD ALERT: π x radius²), you actually get more ‘pizza’ with a large, regardless of what the diameter of the pizza is.

The hack first did the rounds at the beginning of the year but since it’s grim outside we’re ordering pizza ASAP and this equation will come in handy.

There you have it now.