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12th Nov 2019

Mr Kipling French Fancies now come in an Irish Crème flavour, and oh sweet mercy

Rebecca O'Keeffe



So Christmas is coming, and that means one thing and one thing only – food.

This time of year is great for a limited edition version of something we already love.

At the moment, brands are releasing special edition Christmas treats, and wow we’re excited.

And lads, even our beloved French Fancies are getting a little Christmas makeover.

Mr Kipling has just launched its Christmas range – including a new festive flavour of French Fancies.

The Irish Creme Fancies are vanilla sponge cakes topped with an Irish cream flavoured fondant icing.


In a stunning turn of events, these delicious little treats will be available in Tesco for just €3 a box, so you can stock up.

Oh, and while I have you all here, can we discuss the rest of the Mr Kipling festive collection?

The popular brand are also selling two other festive bad boys in the form of Chocolate and Orange Whirls and Iced Topped Mince Pies.

There are also festive Bakewell tarts, After Dinner Mint Fancies (divine) and Chocolate and Caramel Reindeer slices.

And I’d like 100 of each please and thank you!

All of these delicious Christmas treats are available in Tesco now.

Merry Christmas lads.