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19th Dec 2018

A Dublin bar has created a Kinder Beuno espresso martini and hello my new fave drink

Olivia Hayes

OMG, yes.

If you love a sweet treat and espresso martinis are your thing, then you are going to absolutely adore this cocktail.

It’s sweet but with that little bit of caffeine thrown in, it will no doubt give you a kick as well.

Drop Dead Twice is where you’ll get the delish af treat, and it’s safe to say a lot of us are going to be making our way their over the Christmas period.

The bar has been doing to cocktail for a while now, but we think it’s the ultimate drink to kick off festivities over the next few days.

Drop Dead Twice said of it: “Love the chocolatey-hazelnut goodness of a Kinder Bueno the way we do? You’re gonna LOVE this Espresso Martini.

“Stuff of actual dreams. Book online, bring your fave spirit (you’ll want vodka for this one) and our team will do the rest.”

We agree, this looks like the stuff of actual dreams (and we will probably be living our dreams this week).

Meanwhile, if you fancy a more relaxed weekend, did you know what Drop Dead Twice is also one of the bars in Dublin that allow you to bring your dog in with you?

We know, perfect.