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25th Mar 2022

Creme Egg croissants are all over TikTok and they look insane

Brb, off to buy these ingredients.

Easter is only around the corner, chocolate eggs are back on the shelves and we’re going to try to incorporate Creme Eggs into jsut about everything.

But it’s one recipe that has caught our eye and we need to try it immediately, the Creme Egg croissant.

The recipe is super simple and is perfect for breakfast on Easter morning, the only day of the year we’re allowed to each chocolate that early.

A special take on the classic breakfast pastry, it’s filled with melted milk chocolate and sugarary fondant, heaven in our mouths.

All you need is a roll of croissant pastry and some creme eggs. Roll the pastry around the egg and put it into the oven for as long as the pastry instructions tell you to. Once you leave them to set, you’ll have a sugary chocolatey centre to enjoy.

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The trend has been doing the rounds on TikTok, with many viewers saying they simply couldn’t wait for

One viewer said: “My new favourite food thing ever”

Another tagged their friends and said: “urghhhh I need to make theseeee”.

A third added: “I am so doing this today.”

A fourth wrote: “You are my hero!”

It feels a little bit rude not to give these bad boys a go.