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13th Dec 2022

How to create the ultimate cheese and charcuterie board this Christmas


Brought to you by Lidl

Did someone say yum?

Snacking is the best part of Christmas. When most people think of grazing at this time of year, it’s usually over a cheese and charcuterie board – it allows for variety, can magically bring conversations alive and is absolutely delicious when you’ve got the right ingredients.

An impressive board includes a spread of cheeses and cured meats with sweet and savoury assortments like olives, grapes and honey to brighten up the meal. When composing a cheese plate, go for variety with textures from soft and creamy such as camembert to a hard and grainy cheddar and a semisoft like brie. Four or five different cheeses should do the trick; it will give you a nice range and offer something for everyone without being overwhelming.

It really doesn’t have to be fussy. Indeed, it shouldn’t be. You can pull together a lavish spread with all sorts of interesting ingredients following a quick trip to Lidl. No need to rummage through the dregs of a near-empty fridge or traipse through a dozen shops to find the right olives or salami to round off the plate.

As part of Lidl’s Deluxe festive range, you’ll find an epic Irish cheese hamper in stores this year. All the work has been done for you. Inside there’s a selection of artisan cheeses, with varying textures, from Cooleney Camembert to Oakwood Smoked Cheddar, Gortnamona Goats Cheese, Tipperary Brie with Garlic, and Cashel Blue, as well as Apple & Fig Chutney and crackers – all wrapped up nicely in the one hamper for just €19.99. It’s the type of grand spread that is perfect for entertaining or even gifting.

Add a selection of Spanish meats to your plate from Lidl’s Deluxe Spanish Antipasti Meat Platter for €8.99 with slices of manchego, serrano and chorizo.

Now it’s time to get creative. You’ll want olives. Brined, fat and juicy bright green premium olives, which you’ll find on the snacking menu in most of Ireland’s top restaurants, Deluxe Premium Olives can be picked up in Lidl for just €1.99. They add a nice bit of depth and work well with a variety of meat and cheeses.

To take the spread up a notch, add some crunchy cornichons, along with Lidl’s Deluxe salami with pistachios and Deluxe Acacia honey for the perfect balance of acidity and sweetness. You’re almost in Masterchef territory now. Or at least that’s how it will look to your guests. They don’t need to know it was this easy.

That’s it! An abundant and luxurious snacking board that looks effortless. 


If you don’t have a cheese board at home, you can use a cutting board or a platter. Add some ramekins or small plates to hold spreads like honey and Lidl’s Christmas Chutney and an empty one to place beside the olives for pits. Then arrange your meat, cheese and crackers and fill in the gaps with your olives, cornichons and grapes. Be sure to leave room for some of Lidl’s Premium Scalloped Crackers and any other spreads or sauces to serve alongside.

Take all the ingredients out of the fridge, slice the cheeses and bring them up to room temperature before your guests arrive. Pair with Lidl’s Provence AOC Rosé, grab some napkins and small plates and then sit back, relax and let your guests help themselves.

For a Christmas without compromise head to your local Lidl & to the online Christmas brochure HERE

Brought to you by Lidl