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15th Aug 2018

This company will pay you to eat cheese all day and it sounds like the most perfect job

Olivia Hayes

Cheese is delightful.

It’s one of our most favourite foods and we love all kinds, tastes, shapes and forms of it.

It’s delicious on pizza, pasta, in a sambo, in a salad… and most importantly, with red wine.

A new job is after coming on the horizon which will allow you to eat cheese all day, err’day… and we honestly think there’s no better career in the world right now.

Image result for cheese gif

Manchester-based company Sorted is looking for an Assistant Director of Cheese, and yes, we don’t think you could get a better job title than that.

The description is as follows:

“We’re looking for a fromage-fanatic to join our team as Assistant Director of Cheese. The successful candidate will have an in-depth knowledge of both domestic and foreign cheese and will understand how to balance flavours for varying tastes and pallets.

Beyond cheeses, attention to detail surrounding the wider board is essential. Do you know whether a biscuit, bread or melba toast is the right accompaniment for your board? Is a chutney or a jelly most suitable? Are grapes or tomatoes going to provide the perfect sweet cut-through? All of this knowledge is required to help the Director of Cheese deliver the best Cheesy Tuesday event month on month.”

Sound like the perfect job for you? You would have to move to Manchester, but we’d totally take that in order to eat cheese all day. Check out more about the job here.