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03rd Feb 2019

More people are interested in veganism in Bray than any other place in Ireland

It’s 2019, which means that a load of people are vegan.

Like, loads.

Every week it seems like another one of your mates decided to opt for a plant based diet – and good for them. They might be a bit more awkward when it comes to choosing restaurants but they’re doing a world of good so can’t complain.

A few years back, being vegan in Ireland would have been a bit of a struggle.

Sure it’s all grand if you’re cooking and eating curries every night, but doing the weekly shop on a budget and heading out for a casual bite to eat weren’t the easiest events in the world.

Thankfully, things have been changing rapidly over the past few years. You’d have a hard time going into any (hipster-ish) cafe and not seeing an abundance of delicious vegan options before you.

But where has the most vegans in Ireland? we hear you cry.

Which town or city has the most people searching vegan places to eat, vegan recipes, and vegan related queries?

Apparently, it’s Bray.

Research conducted by Chef’s Pencil has shown that the Co Wicklow town reigns supreme when it comes to vegan popularity so if you ever wanted to hang out with your people, you know where to go.

Using Google Trends, the lads discovered that Bray scored a solid 100 for vegan popularity, followed closely by Galway with a score of 90, then Dublin with 83 and Cork with 81.

Among mid-sized and large cities, Dublin ranks 46th worldwide too, which is impressive enough considering veganism has only really taken off here over the past few years.

Ireland as a whole comes eighth worldwide too so, yeah, people are super into their veganism here, it seems.

Here’s the full top 10 list:
1.        Australia (Score 100)
2.        United Kingdom (Score 98)
3.        New Zealand (Score 87)
4.        Sweden (Score 84)
5.        Canada (Score 79)
6.         Israel (Score 78)
7.         United States (Score 65)
8.         Ireland (Score 62)
9.         Austria (Score 60)
10.       Germany (Score 59)

Not too shabby.