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18th Jan 2019

Bounty Easter eggs officially exist, and you’ll either love them or HATE them

Rebecca O'Keeffe

bounty easter egg


The lovely folks at Mars have launched an interesting new product for Easter.

Introducing: the Bounty Easter egg.

And many people seem to think that the egg itself is full of coconut – this is not the case ladies and gents.

The egg is in fact hollow, but the chocolate is filled with pieces of coconut.

And we’re kind of loving the idea, to be honest.

Along with the lovely egg, customers will also get two delicious (maybe) bounty bars – one milk chocolate and one dark chocolate.

Instagram page, NewFoodsUK were the first to spot this new egg, and posted it to their feed.

And of course, the comments have been mixed – with some people really opposed to the idea.

“Why would they create this monstrosity?” wrote one user.

While another said: “Haha straight in the bin! I wouldn’t feed it to the pigs.”

However, some people seemed to love the idea of a Bounty Easter egg.

One Instagram user commented: “I’ve been waiting my whole life for this moment.”

Anyway, if this is your kind of thing, the eggs are available from Tesco stores now for €10.

Happy Easter!