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16th Oct 2021

This boozy Biscoff milkshake might just be our new favourite guilty pleasure

Trine Jensen-Burke

boozy Biscoff milkshake

Yes, please.

Look, we know the weather is getting cooler, and we that hot chocolate and pumpkin spice season is in full swing.

However, for some of us, there is still nothing like a delicious, ice-cold drink when we really want to treat ourselves (raise a hand all your all-year-round iced coffee drinkers!).

And if this is you, allow of to introduce the Boozy Biscoff Shake – the most delicious for-adults-only milkshake creation thought up by The Bottle Club in honour of National Chocolate Week.

Ready to try it for yourself?

What you will need

For decoration

  • Biscoff biscuits
  • Whipped cream

How to make

Start by softening your ice cream (leave out of the freezer for around 5-10 mins). Add your syrup, a shot of coffee, softened ice cream and your milk to your blender. Once all the ingredients have been whisked together, add your Baileys and whisk again.

Add some ice to a glass, pour your milkshake in and top off with whipped cream and a Biscoff biscuit for some fancy decoration.