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11th Sep 2019

Boojum is giving one student the chance to win free rent for a year

Jade Hayden

Delicious news.

Boojum is giving one student the chance to win free rent for a year in a move that proves even a burrito chain can do more to curb the current rental crisis than the actual government.

The campaign – aimed exclusively towards people in third level or further education – will encourage a conversation around Irish cities’ soaring rental prices, while also giving one lucky person the chance to live rent-free for an academic year.

The burrito bar have created a series of To-Let signs promoting their campaign through their “unreal property rentals” which, unlike most rentals in Ireland, won’t actually cost you that much money.

In fact, it’ll cost you €0.00.


“It’s fair to say paying extortionate rent for what feels like the cupboard under the stairs isn’t exactly the highlight of any Uni experience,” they said.

“Think of the best life you’d be living with all that extra cash in your pocket. Boojum on the daily, yes please. Taxi to class, of course. City break during reading week, why not!

“Boojum could make living your best life a reality with the chance to win your student rent paid for a year!”

The Boojum lease runs util June 2020, giving the winner the chance to skip out on nine consecutive months of rent to a maximum value of £339 per month in Northern Ireland or €500 per month in the Republic of Ireland.

You can find out more about the campaign, or enter the competition, here. 

Entries close at the end of this month.