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06th Oct 2019

This bar is serving Disney-themed fishbowl cocktails and we are THIRSTY AF



Two of our favourite things are Disney films and obnoxious alcoholic beverages.

So, when we discovered a bar that combines the two, we got a little excited.

Driftwood Bar in Glasgow has a very impressive Disney fishbowl menu… and they look class.

Fishbowl cocktails are designed for sharing, but you don’t have to if you don’t want to.


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Cocktail anyone?? @jenna1403 can’t wait to go back #driftwoodglasgow #glasgow #cocktails #disneycocktails #fishbowl

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You can choose from 101 Dalmations, Frozen and The Lion King-inspired drinks from the bar off the chalkboard menu.

Can we just have one of each please?

The Little Mermaid- themed cocktail contains apple sourz, tropical sourz, venom slush, and lemonade, topped off with fish-shaped jellies.


The Lion King-inspired beverage looks like a warm sunset, and contains vodka, peach schnapps, orange and cranberry juice.

The Lady and The Tramp‘s cocktail is made with peach schnapps, raspberry sourz, lemonade and blackcurrant, with strawberry laces to act out the iconic smooch moment.


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Disney cocktails ??? #Disney #cocktails #driftwoodglasgow #mickeymouse #circleoflife #peterpan #awholenewworld

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Some of the fishbowls are even available in in single cocktails, so if you don’t fancy committing to a big drink, you can still enjoy the magic.

BRB, on a flight to Glasgow…