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07th Dec 2019

Avoca’s new festive food range is here, and that’s your entire Christmas entertaining sorted


I think anyone who has ever set foot in an Avoca store could not have been able to help feel blown away by the sheer magic of their offerings, from the decor to the food to the details to everything about Avoca. I know I feel that same way every time I walk into one of their stores or restaurants, for sure.

And so it kind of goes without saying, that when Avoca launch their Christmas food offerings, you sort of just think to yourself: This. This is exactly what I want my Christmas to look, feel and last, but not least, taste like.

Avoca Christmas food

Delicacies from Ireland’s finest chocolatiers, cheesemongers and coffee roasters, as well as tasty treats made by hand in Avoca kitchens and bakeries. Turkey, goose, duck and more from some of Ireland’s finest ethical farmers and producers, and not to mention all our favourite Christmas desserts from mince pies and brandy butter to Christmas pudding and sherry trifle.

Avoca has got Christmas all wrapped up – and something for everyone around your table this festive season.

For instance, how amazing does Avoca’s Traditional Mustard-Glazed Baked Ham sound?

Or how about the Brussel Sprouts with Pancetta and Chestnuts?

Or what about the Spiced Red Cabbage with Sultanas?

And never mind just Christmas Day, says Avoca:

“Christmas is also about all the in-between days. The busy, bustling run-up with family and friends stopping by to drop off gifts, and the lazy days after where you barely get out of your pjs.”

And for those days too, Avoca has got an amazing selection of seriously drool-worthy dishes that you only have to pop into your oven and voila, ready to serve.