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08th Aug 2017

There’s a new type of alcohol combining our two favourite things

We're very excited!

Orlaith Condon

Our two favourite things, together in one glass.

We can’t be the only ones who are devastatingly disappointed when sweet potato fries aren’t on the menu at a restaurant.

Add a round of gin and tonics to the mix and you’re in for a great night.

Well, the folks at The Sweet Potato Spirit Company have created something truly exciting by combining those two things into one beautiful bottle.

The Sweet Potato Gin is made with, you’ve guessed it, sweet potato and coriander, and we’re totally on board to give it a try.

The website says the gin ‘fresh’ and ‘crisp’ with ‘a tail of sweet potato, apricot and mouthwatering citrus notes’ – eh, yum!

And this isn’t the only option sweet potato spirit available.

You can also have a swig of their moonshine, spiced rum, Orangecello and raspberry liqueur, which are all made from that sweet, sweet potato.