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29th Nov 2020

8 super indulgent foods to cook in your air fryer now

Anna Rourke

You probably bought your air fryer with the intention of being a bit healthier, yeah?

That’s all well and good but that doesn’t mean you can’t use it when you feel like making not-so-healthy choices too.

It’s the weekend, it’s cold and you’re staying inside (hopefully) so why not whip yourself up something a bit bold?

As it turns out, you can cook pretty much anything in an air fryer.

Here are just a few of the most indulgent air-fryer recipes that you need to try. You’ll thank us later.


Cheese toasties

Make sure you load this with butter and cheese – you deserve it. Recipe here.


Chocolate chip cookies

These are quick, easy and taste divine. Recipe here.


Bacon-wrapped avocado wedges

Trust us, you’ll be obsessed. Recipe here.


Nutella brownies

Just four ingredients required. Recipe here.


French toast soldiers

Can’t go out for brunch? No problem. Recipe here.



Use your favourite dough recipe or buy a pre-made one and you’re good to go. Recipe here.


Cheese and bacon twice baked potatoes

Serve these as a side dish or enjoy as a filling main. Recipe here.


Fried Oreos

You can air fry pretty much any biscuit you like, but these have to be our favourite. Recipe here.