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30th Aug 2018

7 easy-peasy snack swaps to start this September


Brought to you by SuperValu.

Love snacking do you?

Well so do we! Undoubtedly though, our busy lifestyles can cause us to reach for the cookie jar one too many times. But rather than ignore our body’s desire for a nibble, we’re going to simply spice it up a bit, swap the bad for the excellent and feel fabulous, without ANY deprivation.

To fill our wonderful bodies with the very best fuel we can (and without having to listen to any contradictory statements about what’s good an what’s not) check out these alternatives below, all available at great prices at SuperValu.

Breakfast On The Go Alternatives

Plenty of us rush out the door first thing and end up having a low nutrition intake, grabbing any bar or treat we see. Make sure you’re getting all the good stuff in that belly in the morning. If time doesn’t let you can’t sit down and whip up your porridge with berries, grab a Deliciously Ella Apricot and Coconut bar, Apple, Raisin and Cinnamon bar, or her Bircher Muesli and Nutty Granola (really tasty and all gluten-free).

Go Raw make organic, plant based goods that are filled with energy. They’ve popped in flax seed and chia ensuring we take in those all important omegas too. Rest assured when you snack on these – they’re nothing but goodness.

MadeGood have created healthy snacks made from dried fruits, whole grains and all-natural ingredients. The bars are even full of hidden veggies so you get a full serving made from six different types of vegetables. It means even if you’re not in the mood for vegetables, you’re getting them in without even realising. (Hurrah!) Added bonus – the bars are entirely suitable for vegans and coeliacs.

PBfit is the ideal solution if you’re looking to add yumminess to those rice cakes or shakes. It’s peanut butter powder that has had the fat and calories removed. It’s then ground with coconut palm sugar and a pinch of salt, leaving it with 87 percent less fat and a third less calories than usual peanut butter.

Whey Box is another one for the gym bunnies. It’s a convenient, on-the-go protein bar that tastes great, and comes in an array delicious flavours. (NOM)

Tea Time Alternative

The best time is tea time. A boost of energy from our favourite tea blend, plus a little something extra to avoid an energy slump, and we’re left pretty content indeed. But instead of lunging for the digestive biscuits, try Rhythm 108’s superfood biscuits. Yes, they’re yummy AND satisfying. They have Double Choco-Hazelnut types, Lemon Ginger Chia ones and three types of bars – Hazelnut Praline, Sweet N’ Salty Almond and Super Coconut. (YUM) They’re also dairy free, vegan, gluten- free, and contain no refined sugar.

Answer the Crispy Cravings

Get yourself some Snapz girl. Their crispy delights are never baked or fried. They contain no artificial colours, flavourings or additives and they’re made entirely from healthy fruit and veggies. (Glorious) Sounds pretty guilt-free if you ask us. Answer the urge for crisps with Snapz Organic Apple Crunch, Organic Apple and Pineapple Crunch or Redbeet Crunch.

All of the above are available exclusively at SuperValu, who are on a mission to take care of our health and wellness needs. They’ve even stocked the shelves with over 1,000 products specifically made to do so. Head to the Health and Wellness aisle in store for an extra peek.

Brought to you by SuperValu.

Visit SuperValu for more information. There’s no need to spend a fortune elsewhere, it’s all available in SuperValu. According to research 70 percent of us Irish are snacking each day. It doesn’t have to be a bad habit though, we can turn it into a good one.