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14th Jul 2014

Update: Toddler Who ‘Woke Up’ During Her Own Funeral Sadly Passes Away

**Update: Following the video going viral, media reports have confirmed that the child has since sadly passed away

Be warned, this is an emotional one.

Family and friends were shocked at the funeral of a three-year-old toddler this weekend, when the child woke up during the ceremony.

Mourners were in disbelief at the ceremony in Aurora, Zamboanga del Sur in the Philippines, as the child was seen waking up and moving as the priest was preparing to administer the last sacrament.

Caught on camera, the child who had been pronounced dead just 24 hours earlier came into full consciousness during the ceremony at 1.00pm on Saturday. Locals are claiming it was a miracle, with shocked onlookers posting the video to YouTube.

The young girl was taken away by family members while the priest blessed the family and friends at the church scene.

Video via ishareyoushareweshare