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12th Jun 2016

The Internet is really p*ssed off at this mom for her dangerous yoga

Cassie Delaney

Instagram is alight with users criticising this mother for her dangerous yoga poses.

Melanie Darnell aka @fitmomma4two on Instagram, uploaded a video last week of her perched over her child’s cot exercising.

The caption on the video reads:

“No gym, no problem; everyday household items can be great workout equipment. As moms we are great at thinking outside the box!”

Users were quick to point out the dangers Darnell putting her baby at.

“You’re gonna crush your kid someday,” one commenter stated.

“Stop putting your child at risk,” wrote another, “safety for you and your child should be your first concern.”

Speaking to People, Darnell defended her actions.

It makes me a little bit sad, with people thinking that I’m putting my child in danger,” she said.

“But in my opinion, I’m not. I’m taking precautions. I know my skill set. I know what I’m safely capable of performing.”

Check out the video below and let us know what you think.