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21st Nov 2016

Pregnant mum asks Internet for advice as family disprove of her chosen baby name

We think it’s a lovely name!

A pregnant mother has reached out to a parenting forum for advice after realising that her extended family deeply disprove the name she has chosen for her daughter.

Mumsnet user AyGirl reached out for advice and began to explain her circumstances. Firstly, she writes that she is overdue and she doesn’t know the gender of the baby. However, she decided, “after much indecision,” that she would like to call her baby Iris James if it is a girl.

The name has caused a serious amount of tension between her and her family.

AyGirl writes that her brother became very upset and said “it’s not a girl’s name.”

She continues to explain that her mother even got involved.

“Mother rang me this morning and said he was so upset because he wants to name a son of his James. Keep in mind he is not married or having a child,” she writes.

She further explains that her brother is trying to conceive but is still angered by her family’s reaction.

“She said that I shouldn’t and should save it for him because it will be his first child and a son,” writes AyGirl.

The poster already has two children called Hattie Juniper and Cleo Annika and explains that she is a fan of unusual names.

Commenters on the post are leaving towards the conclusion that James should solely be reserved for a boy.

What do you think?