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22nd Apr 2016

The first iPhone pregnancy test is here

Katie Mythen-Lynch

It was only a matter of time, but the first pregnancy test you can take using your iPhone has arrived. 

A free app developed by First Response not only alerts you to your most fertile days while you’re trying to conceive, it also syncs to your pregnancy test via Bluetooth and offers an action plan based on the user’s test result.

While the brand’s test claims to detect pregnancy as early as six days before the day of the missed period and with over 99 per cent accuracy, now the First Response Pregnancy PRO app offers step-by-step assurance through the testing process.

As well as a three-minute countdown to the result, there’s a choice of options to help ease anxiety while you wait, including relaxing music, educational content on fertility and pregnancy and cute videos to help distract and entertain you.


With half of all smart phone users predicted to download mobile health apps by 2017, and two-thirds of pregnant women using their smart phones to access health information, it looks like this is the kind of innovative technology we can look forward to in the future.