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09th Aug 2021

Aunties might be as important as mothers when it comes to raising women

Rebecca O'Keeffe


This makes so much sense.

I would be nothing without the incredible women in my life.

My mother, my grandmother, my cousins, my friends, and of course, my aunties.

The women I know have shaped the person I am, and I am so thankful for that.

And apparently, aunties as important as mothers when it comes to raising women – makes sense.

In a podcast interview a few years ago, Steve Biddulph, the author of Raising Girls and 10 Things Girls Need Most, said that aunties play a pivotal role in raising women.

Buddulph said on the podcast: “They don’t want to listen to you but they still need someone to listen to.”

And this is where Aunts come in!


It’s natural that eventually young women look to other women to answer questions about life, and not just their mums.

And who better to seek out than your favourite auntie? I have four, and I’m pretty much obsessed with them.

Steve added that on occasion, some mothers may be too emotionally connected and protective when it comes to talking to their daughters about certain issues.

You know yourself, boys, sex and all that kind of stuff.

So yeah, hold your wonderful Aunties close. They deserve it!