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11th May 2017

The Young Offenders have put a call out for people to star in the tv series

Laura Holland

Young Offenders

Ever wanted to be on TV? Now is your chance.

We were delighted when we heard that The Young Offenders movie had been commissioned for a six-part television series. The series will follow the mischievous duo Conor and Jock once again.

Returning cast members include Hilary Rose and PJ Gallagher and of course the main guys, Alex Murphy and Chris Walley.

There’s even more good news in store for fans of the movie – the production company is looking for people to appear in the show. There is only one stipulation, you have to have a Cork accent or can do a convincing Cork accent.

As part of the application, you have to provide a video of you doing your normal accent, and then one of you doing a Cork accent.

They’re asking people to apply here before June 1st to be considered for a role.

Best of luck!