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09th Jun 2019

Yewande is finally getting a date on Love Island tonight, and we’re delighted

Rebecca O'Keeffe


Spoiler alert!

Lads, poor aul Yewande really hasn’t been lucky in love in the Love Island villa.

She was awkwardly friend-zoned by fireman Michael Griffiths – rude.

Anyway, it seems as though the Irish beauty’s luck is about to change, and it’s all kicking off tonight.

Yep, the stunner is getting a text from the new arrival to the house, Danny Williams, 21.

She gets invited to meet Danny before he enters with villa, which we’re bloody delighted about considering the severe lack of  screen-time Yewande has gotten.

The scientist reads her text, with a genuinely massive grin on her face:

“Yewande, Danny is waiting to take you on a date. Please get ready to leave the villa. #climatechange #chemistry.”


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Our girl killing it as always ? 2 more days to go !! The excitement is bubbling!!!! ???

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Speaking about her pending date with Danny, Yewande says:

“I’m excited to get ready and get glammed up and go on the date.”

“I’ve been looking forward to going on a date so it’s nice to get out of the villa and meet someone new and hopefully form a romantic couple.”

And in a great show of girl power, after she leaves for her date, Amber says:

“I’m so excited for Yewande because she is like my best pal. I feel like she deserves this date and I hope this guy is super nice to her.”

And interestingly enough, before entering the villa, Danny actually said that Yewande was his kind of lady.

“From what I can gather from what I’ve seen so far, I think Yewande ticks a lot of boxes. She strikes me as someone who is very intelligent and is quite independent.”

Too right.

“We’re all in there looking for love, but she’s her own woman and doesn’t seem to be playing games or have any tactics, which I find attractive.”

We’ll have to wait and see how it all plays out…