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22nd Jan 2022

Our favourite fashion moments from Euphoria season 2 so far

Katy Brennan

From Y2K vibes to ’90s grunge, this season’s looks are killing it already.

Since the release of season two earlier this month, we’ve become officially obsessed with Euphoria.

Sure, it’s full of drama, crazy plot lines, and wildly interesting characters, but there’s another reason we love it so much – the ICONIC fashion.

The show’s entire aesthetic is absolutely unparalleled and it never misses. Each of its characters have their own unique looks and are instantly recognisable.

We already cannot wait to see what the rest of the season has in store but until then, here are our favourite fashion moments so far.

Maddy’s all-black baddie outfit

Not even halfway into the first episode, Maddy delivered what is undoubtedly set to be of the best looks of the entire season.  The body-con, the elbow-length gloves, the super sleek hair – it was all iconic. Maddy truly personifies what it means to be an Instagram baddie. Pulling the whole look together was a pair of silver hoops and a necklace that read, ‘BRAT’. Says it all really.

Lexi’s new look

We predict Lexi is going to get way more screen time this season after hiding from the spotlight in season one – and with that comes her very own signature style. She’s certainly stepping out of the plain and basic outfits we are used to seeing her in and although it’s not quite as glittery and edgy as her peers, her new look is stunning none the less. Plus, it reflects her more reserved character. This pastel blouse and pant combo from episode one, paired with the crown braid hairdo, is effortlessly chic.

Jules’ new hair and layered dress

First of all, we are loving Jule’s new textured bob. She is really serving us ’90s vibes with this season’s looks so far, and this mesh slip top with a purple crop underneath is no exception. It’s a little bit more mature than the bubblegum pop e-girl persona we have become so accustomed to, reflecting how she is growing as a character.

Cassie’s blue dress and rhinestoned winged eyes

Okay, so we only really got a good look at Cassie’s blue bodycon dress and white kitten heels while she was hiding in a bathtub in that anxiety-inducing scene, desperately hoping to not be found by Maddy after hooking up with her boyfriend but still, it was gorgeous. Cassie’s looks are always soft and hyper-feminine, giving us cutesy ’00s nostalgia in contrast to Maddy’s harder and darker take on the same era.

Kat’s dreamy teal aesthetic

This season, Kat’s ditched the latex (for now) but she’s still rocking the her unique edgy and gothic style. In episode one, she wears this stunning teal look to a New Year’s Eve party and – wow. From the dark green silk dress to the emerald tipped nails, Kat really knows how to stand out from the crowd. We can’t wait to see what else she has in store.

Maddy’s Y2k Bratz look 

Yes, Maddy again. In fact, we could probably write an entire article about Maddy’s looks alone because they never miss. Maddy actually served numerous looks in episode two, when she tried on a bunch of designer pieces from the closet in the house where she babysits – all of which looked amazing on her, of course, But the scene where she gets a little sassy after being told 17-year-olds can’t sell their eggs for money saw her seriously serving ’00s Bratz doll energy and we are loving it.

Fez’s badass grandmother

We wouldn’t be doing season two justice if we didn’t mention Fez’s Grandma. Talk about a bad b*tch. And this royal blue pantsuit paired with gold rings and sunglasses really reminds us just how badass she is.

The latest season of Euphoria is available to stream on NOW with a NOW Entertainment membership.