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02nd Aug 2016

Will Smith responds to rumours about a reboot of Fresh Prince of Bel Air

So that's that then.

Laura Holland

With all the reboots happening we’re not so sure about this one. 

Fresh Prince of Bel Air fans might be divided on the suggestion of a reboot but the main star himself, Will Smith, has given his definitive answer on it.

The programme, which ran for six years from 1990 to 1996, shot Will to fame. In the series, he played a fictional version of himself who lived with his rich relations in Bel Air after moving from Philadelphia.

will smith fresh prince gif

Last year it was rumoured that a reboot was happening with Will at the helm of the project acting as producer. While it was suggested he would be involved in this capacity, it was never clarified if he would be playing the lead role again or if it was even true.

But now he has just confirmed that it is definitely not happening and went as far as saying it would happen, “when hell freezes over”.

Speaking about the possibility of a reboot he told E!News, “I don’t think ever, like pretty close to when hell freezes over. Like we’re going to leave that one alone.”

It’s probably for the best right?