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14th Apr 2016

“Who Is Dervla Murphy?” – Brilliant new documentary profiles this “trailblazing” Irish woman

Have you heard of Dervla Murphy? Here's why you'll love her.

Megan Cassidy

Dervla Murphy, now in her eighties, is Ireland’s most prolific travel writer. 

An extraordinary talent, a trailblazer, she cycled from Ireland to India in 1963 – yet many people have never heard of her.

Well, new documentary produced and directed by husband and wife team Martina McGlynn and Garret Daly aims to put that to right.


The notoriously elusive Dervla opens up in the powerful documentary, reflecting on her travels (which have brought her to Tibet, Cameroon, Rwanda, Peru, Ethiopa and Siberia) and lessons from a life well-lived.

Remarking on her “wonderful affirmative and strong voice for women and feminism”, producer Martina describes Dervla as “fiercely independent” and a woman who “should be celebrated”.

This award- winning documentary does just that – profiling this elusive figure through rare and exclusive access to Dervla, her family and friends.

The film features unique contributions from actor/presenter Michael Palin, daughter Rachel Murphy, publisher John Murray and Irish travel writer Manchán Magan.

dervla 2

Including rare footage of her home in Lismore, Co.Waterford, audiences will now get to discover why Dervla Murphy is respected worldwide for her writing and her distinct personality.

Director Garret Daly explains: “Watching this film feels like spending an evening with Dervla – a unique and moving experience.

“We were privileged to be given this window into her life and I think audiences will appreciate that.”

Martina Garret

‘Who is Dervla Murphy’ was produced and directed by husband-and-wife duo Garret Daly and Martina McGlynn.

The documentary opens exclusively in Ireland at Movies@Dundrum and SGC Dungarvan on April 23rd.

The film will also be released worldwide on VOD on the 1st of May 2016.

Video via YouTube/mixedbagmedia