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27th Jul 2023

Experts create image of what Barbie might look like if she had aged since her 1959 creation

Barbie really does live in Dreamland, because there, she hasn’t aged a day since 1959 when she was just 19…

But if she had? What might that look like? Well, for starters, she’d now be in her 83rd year.

Lottie (a later living marketplace) has unveiled what Barbie should look like – through their expertly-created images.

Data from Lottie (a later living marketplace) has also found more people than ever before are searching for Barbie’s ‘real’ age with online searches for ‘how old is Barbie supposed to be’ surging by 5000% recently.

They also said how they wanted to inspire a more age-inclusive world by imagining what she should really look like.

Chris Donnelly, Co-Founder at Lottie, says: “Ageing is a natural journey marked by wisdom, experience, and resilience. It is crucial for younger generations to witness representations of age in the media and in their lives, to understand and appreciate the diverse stages of life.”

“At Lottie, we firmly believe in promoting inclusivity and representation across all age groups. Our age-friendly Barbie is a powerful step towards challenging stereotypes and inspiring individuals to embrace every stage of life with confidence and pride. It is essential for younger generations to witness the beauty of ageing to create a world where everyone’s journey is celebrated.

“With the launch of our age-friendly Barbie, we invite people of all ages to join the movement and celebrate the beauty of ageing. Together, we can pave the way for a future where individuals are seen, accepted, and celebrated, regardless of age.”

Lottie also spoke to women across different generations – who would welcome an age-friendly doll:

Betty, who is 84 – almost the same age as Barbie, says: “I’d very much welcome an age-friendly Barbie. Even though I’m in my 80’s I still love to get my hair done, and wear nice clothes and jewellery – it would be great to see what Barbie would look like if she was in her 80s!”