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04th Apr 2018

A wedding masterclass is taking place next month, with some celebrity guests

Olivia Hayes

Getting married soon?

Whether your other half just popped the question or it’s nearly time for you to walk down the aisle, it’s always good to get a little bit of info from the experts.

From food to flowers, everything may seem like a hard decision, and that’s why this masterclass is the perfect thing for any brides-to be.

Taking place in the Wrights Findlater in Howth, you will be joined on the day by former Masterchef star Nick Munier and lifestyle blogger Rosie Connolly.

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As Rosie prepares for her own big day, she’ll be letting you in on all the wedding prep that she learned throughout the months that she planned her celebration.

And Nick is just as excited to host the event, telling The Taste: “We’re thrilled to offer this Wedding Masterclass to our guests, so get ready to learn how to make a fabulous wedding event!

“Rosie will join us on the evening to discuss her upcoming wedding and share some invaluable tips that she has learned in the lead up to her own nuptials.”

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As well as the two experts, there will also be hairstylists and florists to offer you some helpful tips about the small details.

The event will be held on May 3 in Wrights Findlater Howth. Tickets are priced at €22 and you can get them here.