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23rd Dec 2019

WATCH: We tried eggnog for the first time and have some very important thoughts

Cheers to that!


Let’s talk about eggnog.

Come December, the festive drink seems to be a major hit in the US and Canada. It features in many Christmas films, it can be made boozy with the addition of brandy or rum and yeah, people seem to go bananas for it.

However, eggnog doesn’t have the same following here despite it’s popularity. Not many people have actually tried the festive beverage and others just seem to be put off by the name.


But as real journalists, constantly on the hunt to educate and inform, Niamh Maher and I decided to put the drink to the test on the latest episode of Girls With Goals.

We poured the thick drink from the warm carton into equally warm glasses and we’ve come to two separate verdicts.

Eggnog was part of an array of festive foods we decide to sample on the show and regardless of the outcome, our investigation makes for some enjoyable watching.

Just try not to gag when we eat the candied, limp chestnuts.

Again, all in the name of journalism.