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08th Feb 2022

WATCH: The trailer for Conversations with Friends is finally here

Sarah McKenna Barry

We cannot wait for this.

The trailer for the highly anticipated TV adaption of Sally Rooney’s novel Conversations with Friends is finally here, and it looks excellent.

The story follows two Trinity College students, Frances (Alison Oliver) and Bobby (Sasha Lane) as they befriend a married couple in their 30s – Nick (Joe Alwyn) and Melissa (Jemima Kirke).

In the dreamy trailer, we see snippets from the upcoming series, including footage of Frances and Bobby performing spoken word, and the group’s eventful holiday abroad.

One scene shows Frances and Bobbi starring at their new friends, and Frances asks: “They look good together, don’t they?”

Bobbi issues her pal a cautionary glance, and in the following steamy shots, we see Frances embark on an affair with Nick.

A concerned Melissa is later seen asking: “There’s nothing else I should know about Nick, is there?”

Later, a remorseful Frances and Nick are sat on the bed, and the former asks: “Does that make us bad people?”

Like the hugely popular adaption of Rooney’s other novel, Normal People, Conversations with Friends will be directed by the acclaimed Irish filmmaker Lenny Abrahamson.

Recently, Abrahamson spoke to Vanity Fair about the upcoming series.

He told the publication: “What we’ve ended up with is something that has a kind of aesthetic family resemblance to the other series, but is definitely its own thing.”

The director also spoke about the character dynamics of the show, saying: “You have these various permutations within that quartet of relationships and power dynamics and attraction, but all of it revolves around Frances.”

While the series will follow Rooney’s novel quite closely, one of the deviations is that the character of Bobbi will be American rather than Irish.

This is, Abrahamson notes, due to the powerful impression left by Sasha Lane during her audition.

He said: “We saw brilliant people, but there was just something about Sasha. There are few people who capture that quality that Bobbi is described as having in the novel—this kind of extraordinariness, this impact.”

Conversations with Friends is set to air on BBC in May.