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08th Oct 2017

OJ Simpson’s first date out of prison is with Wonder Woman on SNL

"That's my friend, I told her I'd ring in case you turned out to be a psycho killer..."

“I wanted to show you my licence plate, I made it myself.”

After last week’s hosting duties went to Ryan Gosling (who simply could NOT stop cracking up mid-scene), this week’s host was none other than Wonder Woman herself Gal Gadot, who was obviously about for the promotional build-up to this November’s superhero smack-down Justice League.

Her opening monologue on the show proves that while she may not have the world’s most natural comic timing, she does contain a practically super-human level of charisma and likeability.

Over the course of the night she clearly threw herself head first into every single sketch she took part in, but perhaps the one that most people will still be talking about over the weekend is the one where Gadot plays a woman who happens to be OJ Simpson’s first date since being released from prison.

There are some great one-liners in there – particularly the reason why it takes Simpson so long to cut Gadot a piece of his steak – but the biggest mystery is that they were both using the dating app Bumble. People actually use that thing??