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01st Dec 2022

Only watch this new Netflix film if you want to bawl your eyes out

Worth a watch.

If you want to cry your eyes out, we know the exact movie that will do that – but be warned, it’s a hard watch.

Based on a true story, the latest Netflix film The Swimmers tells the story of two young sisters embark on a horrific journey as refugees.

Starting in war torn Syria and making it to the 2016 Olympics in Rio, the sisters put hard work and dedication into their swimming and end up changing their lives.

Directed by Sally El-Hosaini, the film has been getting some amazing reviews since it dropped on the streaming giant.

One person said: “If you haven’t watched #TheSwimmers on @Netflix, add it to your list now. It’s based on the true story of Syrian sisters who fled war to become refugees and live their dream. Not only an incredible movie but also a subject that is so rarely humanised.”

Another said: “If you want a movie that highlights the best (and sometimes worst) in people… A film about the human spirit… About not giving up… About finding meaning to your life… And overcoming the odds… The Swimmers is on Netflix. One of the best films I’ve seen this year. Period.”

A third wrote: “30 mins into watching ‘The Swimmers’ on Netflix & I’m in tears. It’s based on a true story of Syrian sisters who fled war to become refugees & live their dream. There are people living this painful reality every day. Syria, Ukraine, Afghanistan, the list goes on. We need change.”

Another said: “#TheSwimmers is a beautiful new film that just dropped on Netflix, that I worry is going under the radar. An inspiring story of sisterhood, perseverance, and a harrowing look at the refugee experience. Not sure why it’s not being talked about more. Watch it. It’s a crowd pleaser.”