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25th Nov 2019

WATCH: Kim Kardashian just proved she’s the chocolate connoisseur of our generation

It's like a Tasty video but better.

Denise Curtin

Oh, Kim.

Or Kimberly as she’s being referred to by Caitlyn in the celeb jungle.

There’s nothing that Kim, Kimberly, Kris Jenner’s second favourite daughter can’t do. And she’s proving that to us again and again.

Make a famous sex tape? Check. Become famous for your “ugly cry”? Check. Lose a million dollar earring in the ocean? Check. Become a lawyer? In progress but nearly check.

So, it’s no surprise that Kim is now turning her hand to cooking – as a famous chocolate connoisseur/chocolatier.

In a recent video that’s not a hashtag ad or sp, Kim gave M&Ms the biggest plug ever after she shared a hack for making them even more delicious.

First the star teased us with her skills…

But then, THANKFULLY, she shared the video to Twitter in case there was outroar from fans demanding an everlasting video.

A creator, a genius, a leader.

Like anyone perfecting their art, Kim then asked for feedback…

Someone then shared this artefact, proving that Kimberly has actually been loyal to the candy for years, maybe even decades now and so, don’t presume this hack was made overnight.

Lastly, Kim agreed via “!!!!!” that she’s part of the holy trinity of snack skills alongside her sisters Khloe and Kourtney.

This again shows their high standing in society.

Oh sweet Kim, never let that fire and passion fade, we need this content on the daily.