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04th Nov 2021

WATCH: The John Lewis Christmas ad is here and it might be the best yet

Ellen Fitzpatrick

We’re obsessed.

We’ve been waiting all year for the John Lewis Christmas ad to hit our screens and with less than two months before the big day, the advert is finally here.

This year, they may have truly outdone themselves with the newest of their legendary Christmas ads being the best yet.

Titled Unexpected Guest, the ad shows a young alien seeing Christmas for the first time, giving a nod to one of the most memorable films of all time, ET.

A teenage boy spots the alien as she crash-lands into the woods and takes her in to show her just how joyful the Christmas season can be.

Feeding her her first-ever mince pie, popping on a Christmas jumper and nabbing a sweet kiss, the extraterrestrial has a Christmas experience we all may be used to but is out of this world for her, literally.

As she heads back to her home planet, the boy gives her an LED light-up jumper but despite how popular this is about to get, John Lewis won’t be selling the exact one.

Going down the more sustainable route, the company has opted to produce it without the lights and hope these become a new Christmas tradition, either way, we can’t complain.

And like any other John Lewis ad, we all highly anticipated the music that would coincide with it. They opted for 20-year-old London singer Lola Young to perform Phil Oakey and Giorgio Moroder’s 1984 hit Together in Electric Dreams.

Typically, Christmas ads don’t start until mid-November but as people decide to do their Christmas shopping that bit earlier, they’ve had to get a head start.