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30th Mar 2018

This new horror show from the people behind Breaking Bad looks brilliant (and very scary)

The trailer is so GOOD!

Rory Cashin

The scariest part is that it is all based on true events.

AMC are the station that brought us Breaking Bad, so they know their way around a good show.

Ridley Scott is executive producer on the project, and the guy who directed Alien, Gladiator and Black Hawk Down, and he clearly knows his way around a good story.

The cast includes Ciaran Hinds (Game Of Thrones), Jared Harris (Mad Men), Tobias Menzies (The Night Manager), and lots of other great actors who clearly know their way around great TV.

And this trailer for The Terror really knows how to completely freak us out…

The story revolves around two British ships attempting to make their way as far into the Northwest Passage in the North Pole as they possibly can, but before long both ships are frozen and stuck in place.

As the crew begin to worry that the elements will do them in, they slowly discover that there may be something out in the wilderness that has begun to hunt them and pick them off one by one…

The show premiered on AMC in the States earlier this month, and the early reviews have been fantastic…

“The storytelling here, from a team led by David Kajganich and Soo Hugh, gains strength from its slow burn. The utter desolation and horror of the series’ back half is made more potent by how relatively normal things are for the first few episodes, before reality starts to buck and heave like the ever-shifting ice.” – Vox

“The Terror is an exceptional series of surviving in the face of real yet unimaginable horrors.” – Indiewire

“AMC’s well-acted series recalls John Carpenter’s snowy monster freak-out, though it’s less interested in creatures than the shifting power dynamics of desperate men.” – Entertainment Weekly

“There’s an impressive confidence to the storytelling that will grab viewers with a taste for sophisticated horror. All-round terrific acting is a huge part of it, notably from Harris in his best role since Mad Men.” – The Hollywood Reporter

There has been no confirmed release date for Irish viewers yet, but those in the UK can enjoy it from 9pm on Tuesday 24 April on the AMC Channel, if you’ve got BT as your TV provider.

With that in mind, we imagine it won’t be long before an Irish provider will pick it up for us horror hounds to enjoy, too.