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24th Jun 2019

Viewers are howling at this clip of Anton and his cereal from last night’s Love Island

Anton and his bowl to win the £50k.

Anna O'Rourke

Gotta stay fuelled up.

Things move fast in the micro universe that is the Love Island villa – but if there’s one certainty, it’s that Anton loves a bowl of cereal.

The Scot never fails to entertain us with his haphazard grafting and accounts of how exactly his mum shaves his arse but our favourite thing about him is that he’s never without his little bowl, no matter the time of day or situation.

Viewers had good giggle during last night’s episode when he was spotted slipping away from the group to sup down the last of what we’re going to guess was some Cheerios.

While some watching thought he looked like he was skulling a drink but upon close inspection, we say it’s definitely cereal.

Still, Anton has become a serious viewer favourite lately.

Despite him not managing to make a real romantic connection with anyone in the villa yet, many fans are now hoping he goes all the way to the final.

We couldn’t agree more.

Whether or not he meets someone in the villa, we’re hoping that he doesn’t come home any time soon – and that he lands a cereal brand sponsorship deal after the show.